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Deliverables. Projections. Pricing

Please Find Our Deliverables Projections and Pricing Below

Project Objectives:

– To increase brand exposure and awareness
– To increase websites current lead acquisition rate
– Increase website traffic by 2500+ targeted visitors
– Achieve overall average lead generation rate of ~20%+
– Increase in social media attention and online presence
– Increase in inquiries and calls
– First page rankings for at least 80% of target keywords
– Fresh, informative content across all your social media and marketing platforms
– New followers and signups daily
– High quality, transformational marketing techniques that convert visitors into leads and ultimately buyers
– Achieve target projections and beyond within 3 months


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

10 Primary KW + 10 Secondary KW
Keyword Research (brand, location specific and related keywords)
Website Audit
Competition analysis
Indexing in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
rich snippets
site speed optimization
Local directory & citations listings
Google crawl check
GEO tagged images
and all 25+ additional on-page SEO factors included
digital Press Release written and distributed
NAP (name, address, phone number) Syndication
Google Maps Submission
Social Signals
Content Syndication
Foundation links package
Authority links package
directory & citations listings
Premium Guest Posts (Premium High Quality Backlinks)
Review Submissions (G+ and more)
Google Business Listing optimisation
Guest Blog Postings (Quality Backlinks)
Local “Map-Pack” Listings in Google
Reports include Stats from:
Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools
Heatmap tracking
Traffic, Pageviews, GEO locations
Keyword Rank Tracking
Traffic from ranking keywords
Goal reach percentage
Complimentary Addons:
Online Reputation Management
1st Page Rankings for 90%+ keywords
Increase in organic traffic by 1000 – 1500+ visitors
Increase in brand awareness
Online Reputation Upkeep
Achieve 15%-20%+ Lead generation rate

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Landing page(s) creation (desktop and mobile enabled)
Form fill integration
Competition analysis
Keyword Research
Expertly created ad copy speaking to client specific services, specials and points of differentiation
All PPC campaigns targeted by search keywords, geography, device, day and on applicable platforms by income and job title
Ads networks: Facebook, Linkedin, Intagram, and Google.
Lead magnet integration
Optimised lead generation rate
Optimised ad bidding strategy for efficient ad spend
Display ads
Search Ads
Video Ads
Contextual Targeting – We show your ads exactly when the audience is consuming content contextually relevant to your product
Interest Categories – We reach your target audience, showing them relevant messages across the web
Remarketing / Retargeting ads – We bring your customers back! These customers have shown interest in your product, but did not convert. This is a great way to re-engage those users.
Campaign management and optimisation
Removal of underperforming keywords
Testing new ads/keywords
Reports include Stats from:
Conversion tracking of campaigns
Visitor data and volume
Top performing keywords
Average Cost per lead
Top performing Geolocations
Increase exposure across all major related target keywords in the UK, CA and IN
Increase traffic by 1000+ visitors
Achieve 20%+ Lead generation rate

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Customer focused content tweaks on website
Increased Call to action (CTA) signatures
Optimised CTA placements / content adjustments based on heatmap and visitor tracking and conversion data
Optimisations based on customer responses
Know Your Audience (KYA) statistics, so you can make your website easy for them to use.
Website navigation optimisation with “shortcut” buttons to call, email, WhatsApp
Reports include Stats from:
Know Your Audience (KYA) statistics
CRO work done
Increase conversion rates across website

Email Campaigns

Lead capture page
Email Newsletters
Auto responder sequence
Automation workflow based
on customer actions
Open rate and Click tracking
Using email to reengage with
customers and build relationship
as well as to nurture and 
follow up with existing customers
to bring them back. 
Lead magnet creation
Reports include Stats from:
Email open and click rates
Email leads collected
Top performing email campaigns
Most responsive audience and their interests
Generate new email leads
Nurture new leads into callers/customers
Discover which programs audience is most interested in
Generate repeat customers through email sequences for previous customers

Social Media

Roadmapping Campaign planning
Content research
Unique informational, promotional and engaging content
Native English copy writers
Upto 5 posts per week on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin
Boosted social media posts to increase exposure engagement to target audience and click-through-rate to website link
Target Influencer marketing ad campaigns across Facebook and Instagram
Increase in Likes and followers
Reports include Stats from:
Top performing content
Engagement, Likes and Followers report
Increase in brand exposure and awareness
Create social buzz
Create good reputation and social media validation of brand online
Increase in lead generation

Content Marketing

High quality, insightful, niche specific blog posts to increase engagement on/off website and social traction
E-book(s) creation for lead magnets/giveaways/lead generation on/off website (social platforms etc.)
Eye-catching Infographics for creative content pieces
Video & Image Curation for use in website and ads
Reports include Stats from:
New videos created
Top performing content
Enhance branding
Enhance Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns effectiveness
Engage audience
Create trust and provide useful information to audience to improve buyer decisions

Website Management

Downtime/uptime monitoring
Small website fixes
Essential plugins installed
Content uploads and updates
Server management
Server support ticket management
Reports include Stats from:
Critical errors discovered
Critical errors fixed
Updates completed
Maintain/run operations of established website
Prevent errors from effecting customer user experience on website
Prevent errors from effecting SEO keyword rankings

Web Design

Responsive Design For All Screen Sizes and Formats (mobile, tablet, laptop)
*Aesthetically Pleasing & User-Friendly design to Enhance Visitor Experience
Clean Website Navigation For Visitors To Explore All Your Pages
Social Media Integration
Email And Optin Box Integration To Collect Targeted Leads
Conversion Optimized Landing Page To Capture Leads
Enhance user experience and design
Increased SEO options based on Wordpress platform (CMS)
Transfer existing site to the Wordpress platform


Below are tentative numbers and targets that we will be striving towards attaining. Please understand that results may vary and we will have a better estimate of what’s working and can be expected within 2 months. All updated projections will be presented within the monthly report.

Expected Monthly Results After 3 Months:

Traffic Flow at: 2500+ visitors

Lead Conversion Rate at: ~20%

*Lead Close Rate at: 10% - 15%

Your Expected Results Are:

2500 visitors x 20% lead generation rate = 500 Fresh Leads Per Month

500 leads (in the form of calls, email signups, social media conversations) x 10% - 15% buyer conversion rate = 50 - 75 new clients per month


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

FORWARD PLAN: Organic SEO for 10 Primary Keywords and 10 Secondary Keywords @ Rs. 55,000 Rs. 40,000 per month

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ads Campaigns

STARTER PLAN: Includes campaigns setup and management across Google, Linkedin, Facebook platforms. Target audience CA, UK, IN initially @ Rs. 60,000 per month (Rs.40,000 directly for ads spend)

Social Media Marketing

SOCIALIZER PLAN: Includes content development and scheduled posting to social platforms (Facebook & Instagram) + targeted campaigns to increase exposure, likes and brand followers for all-round branding and awareness @ Rs. 30,000 Rs. 20,000 per month

Content Marketing

CONTENT PRINCE PLAN: Includes blogging, e-books, infographics, video and image curation, testimonials @ Rs. 30,000 Rs. 10,000 per month when SEO and PPC plans are included as well (otherwise Rs. 30,000 per month)

Email Campaigns

EMAILER PLAN: Includes segmented email lists for existing and new potential customers, email campaign creation and execution, lead magnet pages and signup forms, complete integration and automation setup and more @ Rs. 30,000 Rs. 10,000 per month

Website Management

SITE MANAGEMENT: Includes downtime/uptime monitoring, small website fixes, plugin installations, small coding/placement issues, uploading/updating content, and more  @ Rs. 9,000 Rs. 5,000 per month

Web Design

Web Design: Website and content transfer to Wordpress + all web design deliverables  @ Rs. 40,000 Rs. 25,000 One-Time Payment

Cost for All Inclusive Digital Marketing - Rs. 1,70,000 First month + Applicable tax

Cost for All Inclusive Digital Marketing - Rs. 1,45,000 per month for the 2nd and 3rd month + Applicable tax

Thank You For Considering Us As Your Digital Marketing Partners