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Partner Proposal

A Step-by-Step Proposal To Grow Your Client Base Over The Next 3 Months

Thanks for taking the time to read this proposal.

This proposal document was designed to...

  1. Explain our main objective from working together over the next 3 months
  2. Give you insight into the work being carried out and the thought process behind it all
  3. Show you an accurate timeline of the work we will implement
  4. Inform you of the investment required to begin this project

Lets get started...


Our primary focus for this project is to increase the number of bookings and enquiries from your website and online campaigns as this will ultimately lead to more sales of your packages by helping more people connect with a holistic healing approach for their requirements.

Below are our recommended online marketing channels.


Our SEO Process Explained

This project will be split into 3 categories.

OnSite Optimisation

Project Progress

This involves letting search engines know exactly what your website is about.

8% of project


Project Progress

The most important part of the process and vital for ranking higher in search engines. This involves building links to your website.

75% of project


Project Progress

If you successfully have on-site optimisation and backlinks, you will have visitors on your website. Conversion is about making it easy for those visitors to become leads e.g. calls or online appointments with the end result being more business.

17% of project

We have this method down to a science. You may have also noticed that 60% of our strategy involves search engine optimisation, or 'SEO' as we will refer to it throughout this proposal.

Some Of The SEO Clients In Our Portfolio...

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is the practice of improving and promoting a website to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines.

To do this, you must first learn the "algorithm" of search engines. Search engines create algorithms to determine which factors influence your position or ranking.

We primarily focus on the most popular search engine, Google. With almost 98% market share in India ( source: Statcounter) it is most peoples go-to website for finding businesses. Bing and Yahoo are not left out though.

The Top 5 Ranking Factors
  • Location in the landing page title
  • Quality and authority of links to your website
  • Quality and authority of links to the webpage
  • Location keywords in anchor text of links
  • Product/service keywords in anchor text of links
The Algorithm

To “rank a website” it’s as simple as understanding the algorithm, then providing it what it wants.

In total there are over 200 signals the algorithm looks for, split across 8 categories.

The chart on the left shows how these 8 types of signals are divided by importance.

The categories of the top 5 ranking factors (on the left) account for over 50% of the local ranking algorithm.

Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Organic results is the position your website will appear on with SEO. Google My Business (GMB) listings are part of local SEO, also included in this proposal. Pay per click (PPC) adverts are where you pay Google directly every time someone clicks through to your website.

Click-through rate is the number of people that click through to your website out of the total amount of searches. Using the averages, we can guesstimate that 36.4% of people that search this keyword, click through to redcowmedia.co.uk

Keyword Research

Before we can begin any of the 3 project categories explained above, we need to determine the keywords that will generate the highest ROI when ranked top. A keyword refers to the phrases that your potential clients are likely to search for.

Below you will see some keywords we have selected out for you. This can be changed and/or expanded before the campaign begins.


Monthly Searches

yoga retreat


health and wellness resorts


healing retreats


wellness retreats


wellness spa resort


holistic healing retreats


wellness resort


health resort


wellness spa


spiritual retreats


Applying Keywords to Your Website

Now that you have chosen the best keywords to target, you need "onsite optimisation". This involves tweaking your website to be more related to your chosen keywords and making it easier for search engine bots to get what they need.

Making your content more search engine friendly

The first thing we will do is create a plan for which keywords will be targeted with which page of your website. After this plan has been created, we will set the title of each page to include the chosen keyword. This requires creating a new page for different keywords, if one does not already exist.

Here is an example of how the title appears within Google:

You may also notice the page name/directory includes the area we are targeting. It is important to include at least part of the keyword in the page name.

The other vital part of the content optimisation is the description. The description tells potential clients and search engines what the page is about. It should be written in a compelling way to encourage people to visit your website. Take a look at the example below:

How a Website Appears to You

How a Website Appears to a Search Engine

Other tweaks in the content will include setting text descriptions of images (search engines cannot understand images), including the keywords in headlines, and organising code.

Building Links to Your Website

Before the onsite optimisation and silo structures we just covered can be truly effective, your website requires backlinks. Backlinks are simply links to your website from other websites. This is an example backlink to Google USA.

We define a good link by 3 main components...

Anchor Text

The (anchor) text of your backlinks influences what keywords you rank for.

We follow a tested and proven formula for choosing anchor texts.

73% importance

Topic of Webpage

The more relevant the webpage, the better the link.

When choosing or creating pages to link to your website, this should be kept in mind.

66% importance

Type of Link

Contextual, footer and sidebar are the 3 types of links.

We primarily focus on contextual, which is links from within articles and content. But it is important to have a variety.

31% importance

Anchor Text

The text of the link is named the anchor text. If this were my link for example (Visit Google.com) - the anchor text is "visit Google.com".

We have a tested anchor text usage formula for best performance in rankings and to avoid penalties (that can be received from using the same anchor text too much.) Take a look at the formula below and the types of anchor texts:

URL: This is just the website address as the anchor text e.g. [yourwebsite.com]

Exact: The keyword you are targeting e.g. [main keywords]​

Branded Keywords: Your brand name and keyword mixed e.g. [YourWebsite Keyword]​

Phrase: This is the keyword mixed into a longer phrase e.g. [best Keyword in area]​

Brand: The brand / business name on its own is a natural anchor text to use​

Related: Industry related keywords e.g. [keyword1, keyword 2, keyword3]​

Generic: Click here, go to website, etc.​

Topic of Webpage

For a backlink to be most effective, it should be on a page or within an article that is relevant to your website.

There are two ways to do this...

  1. Create a website directly related to your business
  2. Write an article for another website that is related to your website

The first method is the more simple to understand. If a dentist comes to us for SEO, we build blogs about dentistry and link to their website from it within an article.

For the second method, we will be reaching out to relevant websites in your industry that cover topics that we can write on. Next we will link out to your website from within the article which was published on a highly relevant and quality site.

This gives you links from blogs within highly relevant articles to your business and allows us to use our anchor text formula (mentioned above) to have the best possible impact on your search engine rankings.

The other important part of this is that they are from "authority websites", explained below...

Gaining Links from Trusted Authority Websites

While following the link building guide we just covered, there is another important factor that comes first...

The links need to be from authority websites. We use the word authority because websites that have authority are regarded as trustworthy and valuable link sources to search engines.

"A vote from the Queen is much more valuable than 100 votes from unemployed people"

Google track authority through their algorithm called PageRank. Using the scale on the right, you will be able to get an idea of what PageRank well-known brands have.

In theory, the higher the PageRank of a website linking to you, the better. But there are many more factors that come into play in the real world.

John Lewis

Unfortunately we cannot call up Currys, John Lewis, or The Telegraph and ask them to link to your website. So we buy and build websites that have these PageRank levels.

Every month we invest in thousands of dollars worth of domains and hosting to maintain and grow a large network of websites with high authority. Most domains we purchase are in the range of PageRank 3-5, but we also have PR (PageRank) 6-8's and 0-2's in our mix to keep it natural.

These websites are built around several different topics and often built specifically for each client we take on. Next it is a matter of writing unique articles for different blogs in our network, spread out over time for a natural effect.

Converting Your New Visitors Into Enquiries

If less than 10% of people that visit your website from search engines are contacting you, you are losing a lot of customers.

Do you know your conversion rate? This is the percentage of visitors that contacting you after visiting your website.

The process of tweaking this is called Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Without doing this, spending money on SEO is a waste of your money. You'll get an increase of visitors, but most of them will end up going to your competitors that have better converting websites.

Here are a few ways we'll tweak your website to improve your conversion rate

Make Your Content "Customer Focused"

Content is what really matters on a website. Great design and images are powerful. But if your content is bad, it'll all fall apart.

All of our content is measured against 3 platitudes to judge the effectiveness, and how customer focused it is, these are:

Platitude #1: What is in it for me
Platitude #2: Well, I would hope so
Platitude #3: Who else can say that?

Make it simple to navigate and use

If it takes a visitor more than 3 seconds to find your phone number, it's not in the right place. If they struggle to find what they are looking for, struggle to navigate, or have any difficulties using your website - it is setup wrong.

You need to know who your audience is, so you can make your website easy for them to use. If you primarily target an older audience as an example, they won't be as technical as younger people. In which case, you create your website very easy to use for this audience.

We studied and tested repeatedly to see exactly how to structure a website to make it easy for different demographics to use.

visitor heatmap tracking
We use heat-maps like the one shown in this image generated by software which indicates which part of your website captures your visitors attention the most.
Encourage and make it easy for people to contact you
short call back form

Most business websites have one focus, to get more enquiries. More phone calls, or online contact messages.

If this is the case, then it doesn't make sense to not have a contact form on your website. Or to bury your phone number in the middle of your content.

Have a short call back form on your homepage (the most visited page on most websites), and have your phone number / contact button at the top right of every page.

How You Are Losing 80% Of Your Potential Customers
& How To Bring Them Back

Even if your website is setup with the right conversion elements in place, the best you're likely to get is 20% of visitors instantly contacting you.

That means 80% of the visitors you are spending money on advertising to send to your website, are not contacting you.

Here is how you can turn that around and convert "research now, buy later" prospects into your customers.



Have you ever looked at a product on Amazon, then repeatedly seen this product advertised everywhere afterwards? This is retargeting.

After visiting your website, people will be browsing other websites, and seeing your adverts. It's a great way of bringing prospects back and establishing strong brand presence.

Along with retargeting ads, we will also setup landing pages, split-tested and designed specifically to generate leads at 25-35%. Once the landing pages are setup, we create ad campaigns across multiple platforms such as GoogleAdwords, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to target only your specific market for services they are already looking for online.

Our goal is to increase your exposure but only to the most interested and likely to buy prospects.

"Our team will put together potential target audiences like the screenshot on to the right, which give us estimates as to the amount of visitors you can expect with the ad budget available."

The image on the left shows 7.9K potential clicks on the ads can be achieved from your target audience within the UK, IN and CA.

Using a combination of email, text, image and video ads, our campaigns are highly effective and uphold the quality standards of your company. This ensures that the leads and calls generated from the PPC campaigns are highly qualified.


Lead Magnet Creation

Another way of turning the 80% that don't take action on your website into enquiries is through building an email list.

A lead magnet is something you give away for free, in exchange for their details. This can be as simple as a free report / white paper / special offer.

You then create a page on your website to promote this, offer it at the bottom of your other webpages, and advertise it through other mediums.

Autoresponder Sequence

autoresponder sequence

The problem with lots of people downloading the free report you offer, is that you then have to follow up with them. This can take a lot of time when a lot of people are downloading that.

It's not easy to think of a new email to send all the time. Never mind trying to send it to hundreds of people.

Instead, you can use an autoresponder to fully automate this. You can pre-create the emails in a sequence, then have them automatically email out X days after someone subscribes.

Now you are building a relationship with these people. Building trust with them. And leading them closer to buying from you. All automatically.


Did you know that 70% of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired customers through Facebook? Or that 84% of CEOs and VPs say they use social media to help make purchasing decisions?

Your brand doesn’t really exist online if you’re not represented across all social channels – and regularly interacting with your followers, journalists who cover your industry, thought leaders and tastemakers; sharing helpful information for your followers to weigh in on — these are all activities that build brand awareness, boost web traffic, lead to loyal customers and driving real value for your company.

Social Media Platforms We Specialize In:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube

Our Social Media package has two main components: Content & Ads.

Social Media Content

We take the time to research the ins and outs of every business we work with. We look into what your competitors are doing and see how we can do it

better for your business.

Our team of Native English copywriters carefully put together a balanced blend of content that’s unique for your niche.We use a perfect mix of informational, promotional and engaging content designed to get your customers sitting up and listening.

We post engaging articles, news clips, and related videos on a upto 5x a week to fill your Social Media platforms with authority content enabling your customers to trust you every step of the way.

We provide beautiful images, quotes, and photos direct from your company to complement every post.

We provide you with a flood of traffic by using only the most relevant and targeted hashtags to grab the attention of people across all platforms all grow your following.

Get the most eyes on your business. Our team research when the most of your customers are online, and carefully schedule each and every post to go out only when the most people will see it.

Social Media Exposure and Ads

We research your industry and find hidden sources of only the most passionate customers just waiting to spend their money

We setup your campaign from scratch taking the hard work off your shoulders. We are up to date with the latest Facebook changes and algorithms and know exactly how to optimise your campaign right from the start to save you loosing money.

Our team of Native English copywriters put together a series of ad sets designed to bring you the exposure and leads you so desire.

We retarget your existing audience by finding your website audience and redirecting them back to your website to spend their money over and over again!

We set up a high converting beautiful lead page for capturing potential customers email addresses directly from within Facebook.

We optimise your campaign analysing, optimising, and split testing your results to give you the best possible conversions at the lowest possible prices.

Useful content should be at the core of your marketing

You have probably heard the saying "content is king" before and it still holds true today.

Imagine your website is receiving tons of visitors but there are no conversions. That is usually a sign that your content needs to be optimized/changed to reflect what the visitor is looking for before the make a buying decision.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action."

Instead of pitching your products or services, you are providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their issues. This builds trust with potential and existing customers which leads to them choosing Pema Wellness for their wellness getaways instead of your competitors.

Our content marketing plan includes:

  • Blogging (high quality, insightful, niche specific blog posts to increase engagement and social traction)
  • E-book(s) creation for lead magnets/giveaways/lead generation
  • Eye-catching Infographics
  • Video & Image Curration
  • Testimonials

What Else To Expect From Our Services:

Easy-to-follow Actionable Reports and Analytics

Discover which channels are bringing in the most visitors and sales.

Each month you'll receive in-depth insight and knowledge of the visitors coming to your website. Some of the insights mentioned in the monthly reports are: traffic numbers, which pages are viewed the most, from where your most interested prospects find your website online, the timeline and how much it costs to convert a visitor into a buyer, best performing content etc.

With 5+ Years of Digital Marketing Experience

And Driving Hundreds Of Thousands of Visitors To Our Clients Sites

And Our Own, Digionomy Is The Perfect Partner For Your Social Media And Digital Marketing Requirements.

High Quality, Captivating Video Ads

Our video ads are created by experts in the industry with attention to detail and intelligent creativity.

They have worked on movies, trailers and more for over 7 years working largely on international projects.

More Demo Videos

Checkout our showcase of some of the past work we have done .

Every video is unique, custom, and made with your customers and goals in mind.

What You’ll Get...

Products and Pricing:

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

FORWARD PLAN: Organic SEO for 10 Primary Keywords and 10 Secondary Keywords @ Rs. 55,000 Rs. 40,000 per month

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ads Campaigns

STARTER PLAN: Includes campaigns setup and management across Google, Linkedin, Facebook platforms. Target audience CA, UK, IN initially @ Rs. 60,000* per month

Social Media Marketing

SOCIALIZER PLAN: Includes content development and scheduled posting to social platforms (Facebook & Instagram) + targeted campaigns to increase exposure, likes and brand followers for all-round branding and awareness @ Rs. 30,000 Rs. 20,000 per month

Content Marketing

CONTENT PRINCE PLAN: Includes blogging, e-books, infographics, video and image curation, testimonials @ Rs. 30,000 Rs. 10,000 per month when SEO and PPC plans are included as well (otherwise Rs. 30,000 per month)

Email Campaigns

EMAILER PLAN: Includes segmented email lists for existing and new potential customers, email campaign creation and execution, lead magnet pages and signup forms, complete integration and automation setup and more @ Rs. 30,000 Rs. 10,000 per month

Website Management

SITE MANAGEMENT: Includes downtime/uptime monitoring, small website fixes, plugin installations, small coding/placement issues, uploading/updating content, and more  @ Rs. 9,000 Rs. 5,000 per month

Your Total Monthly Cost for All Inclusive Digital Marketing - Rs. 145000 per month + GST

Expected Results:

  • 2500+ people (highly targeted, responsive audience) visiting your website and landing pages EACH MONTH
  • Increases in brand awareness and exposure
  • Increase in social media attention and online presence
  • Increase in inquiries and calls
  • First page rankings for at least 80% of target keywords
  • Monthly fresh content
  • New followers and signups daily
  • High quality, transformational marketing techniques that convert visitors into leads and ultimately buyers

So what could the end result look like for you?

Let us take all the low averages and say 2000 highly targeted visitors, within very specific demographics reached your page in a month. Here are the results you can expect:

2000 visitors x 20% conversion rate into leads = 400 new leads

400 leads (in the form of calls, email signups, social media conversations) x 3% buyer conversion rate (low average) = 12 new clients

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