Why FMS Dental Is Getting 3000+ More Website Visitors Than You

Dr. Srinivas, I saw your website in an online directory but noticed a big opportunity it's missing out on (that your competitors are utilizing).
Put together this short video to show you.

If you would like to discuss how you can put this all together and start using it to get in front of thousands of potential patients, please use the form below to request a free strategy session call / meeting with me personally.

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Transcript Of The Video Above

Dr. Srinivas, Thanks for reaching out.

Hi, my name is Jason Paul and I saw your practice listed in an online directory and decided to take a look at your website. The reason for the video is that I noticed something that FMS Dental, Smiline, and Eledent hospitals are doing to attract a lot more patients, which you don’t seem to be using yourself just yet. So let me show you what that is.

See, I noticed all 3 of these competitors are ranking very well when you search phrases like dental hospital in Hyderabad, best dental clinic Hyderabad, dental implants in Hyderabad and similar phrases.

These are searches that thousands of people make every month looking for dental treatments and implant specialists.

Here are just a few keywords and their monthly search volume so that you can get an idea of the types of searches being made.

Hopefully you can see that appearing on top for searches like this can dramatically impact your website and the bookings and enquires you get online just based on the sheer amount of people using these search phrases on google.

But unfortunately, it looks like your practice isn’t showing up anywhere near the top.

And if your website is not showing anywhere on the first page for those searches your website will almost never been seen by the people making these searches in google.

Alright, So after taking a closer look at your website compared to your competitors, I can see the reason you’re not ranking essentially comes down to something called Backlinks and webpage Optimization or on-page search engine optimisation.

So what Backlinks are, are basically votes from other websites, to say yours is a recommended authority on the topic.

The simplest way of looking at this is that the more backlinks you have, aka votes, the higher your website will rank.

So when we look at FMS Dental, we can see they have around 18K backlinks currently. Smiline has 2.8K. And Eledent has about 8.4K backlinks.

And right now, your website currently has 1.8K links.

A bit about backlinks: Now obviously, just like votes, not all are equal. What that means is simply getting votes or backlinks from any website will not increase your rankings and in some cases could have a negative impact if not done properly. On the other hand, if a website with a lot of quality votes/backlinks pointing to them decide to link out or vote for your website, it carries way more authority than a regular backlink or vote from a smaller website.

But we can actually go in and see the exact links you and your competitors have. Like this.

The best types of votes or backlinks are the ones from websites or companies related to your industry and social platforms as you can see here fms dental gets a lot of their links from social platforms like diigo, youtube etc.

The other issue is with something known as on-page SEO or webpage search engine optimisation. What it is, is basically factors with your website that aren’t following google’s recommendations to rank for searches related to dental hospitals in hyderabad.

So lets take at a few of the on-page issues with your website currently that are preventing it from being optimised and seen at the top listings by the search engines.

So the solution to your backlinks and webpage optimization problem is actually quite simple, looking through these links your competitors have, and your websites on-page optimisation issues, you can see exactly what you need to replicate to start beating them. Then getting in front of those 2,300+ potential patients every month that are seeing your competitors when they could just as easily be landing on your website and booking appointments and placing calls to you instead.

About Me

Just so that you know I’m not some random guy on the internet, let me give you a quick brief about myself.

My name is Jason Paul and I’m a digital marketing consultant for Orthodontists and other local businesses and I’m also the managing director of Digionomy.com which basically helps local business like yours get more calls and enquires from their websites, by ranking their businesses higher in Google and the other search engines So that when someone goes online and searches for dental care and treatments your hospital can provide them with, they end up seeing your website and not your competitors.


So with that being said, here’s what I’d like to do for you. You’re more than welcome to take all the data and information I’ve given to you here, and do it yourself. I don’t mind at all.

But I want to do 1 better.

Let’s schedule a free 15 minute strategy session with me, and I’ll personally answer your questions, and help map out a plan to leverage this opportunity and get you ahead of your competitors.

And if you like the plan, and we seem like a good fit for each other, I’ll go ahead and do the entire thing for you to get you on the top rankings in Google for searches your competitors are ranking for and more.

If not, no worries at all, you can take the whole thing and do it yourself, or even give it to someone else to do it for you.

All you have to do is schedule a time in my calendar to talk, and we’ll hop on a call to go through it. And of course, There’s no charge, and no obligation to work with us afterwards.

We’ll also be able to go through some of the other important things I didn’t have time to mention in this video, like certain other elements your competitors are using on their websites to improve their rankings and enquiries and how they’re ranking in these map listings here.

All you have to do is schedule a completely free strategy session below, and I’ll walk you through all of it.

With that being said, I hope you learnt something new from this video, whether you decide to discuss it with me or not. If you do have any problems scheduling the call, please feel free to email me on jason@digionomy.com

Otherwise, enjoy the video, feel free to re-watch it, I know how much this can help your business. And I look forward to talking with you shortly.